Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tell me where to go

Aug. 20 I'll begin my next trip: A 30-day cross-country driving odyssy from Miami to Seattle....and I'll be going it alone.

So tell me where to go! Whether you've got a fave BBQ joint, Aunt Martha's pie shop, a beloved natural park, an attraction you've always wanted to visit ... we want to know about it. You can leave your suggestions here; just click the "Comments'' link beneath this posting.

You can follow my trip here each day from Aug. 20 to Sept. 16. We'll be taking your advice along the way, so check in daily to tell me where to go!


Anonymous said...

I definitely want to suggest that you take time to visit your niece in Seattle while you're here! I'll be happy to show you a few of my favorite spots.

Wishful Thinking Ranch said...

I know of a little hobby farm that has 7 llamas (some of them give mighty fine kisses), a couple of pygmy goats, and large(and ornery) goat, 4 active dogs, 3 lazy cats and the meanest cockatoo on the planet. This place is just a few miles outside of Portland, OR and I'll bet they can even rustle up a bed with clean sheets if you ask pretty.

Bill Lang said...

A Birmingham, AL MUST - the new Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa, located on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. Opened last August, Ross Bridge looks like a Scottish castle, has a 4 diamond rating and is surrounded by the third longest golf course in the world at 8,191 yards from the tips. Take a golf lesson on the amazing course and see why the PGA Champions Tour raved about it.

Perhaps you could pamper yourself with a caviar facial and a rock star massage in the Ross Bridge Spa. However, make sure to be out in time for the bagpiper at sunset. Afterwards enjoy a great meal in Brock's and try Southern cuisine with a twist.

If you feel truly adventurous, try the Porsche Driving Experience. Ross Bridge is the host hotel for the Porsche Driving Experience, the only one in North America. The hotel's courtesy vehicle is a Porsche SUV. Now that is luxury.

Ross Bridge is ranked the #1 Renaissance hotel for style and is currently ranked #3 of 68 for overall guest satisfaction. Come see why for yourself. However be warned, the luxurious bedding and resort amenities will make it hard to leave, but we will be glad to extend your stay.

Visit for a preview of what to expect. We look forward to arrival.

The staff of Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa

Anonymous said...

Definitely think you should visit Garfield, Montana and the County Museum and see the replica of a T. Rex skull, Triceratops skeleton and many fossils excavated from this area. There is base for The PaleoWorld Research Foundation expedition that run in the area of the Hell Creek Formation known as the "Dinosaur Capital of the World." History Travel has programs that offer hands-on opportunities to work alongside researchers and participant in a genuine scientific dig. On the expedition you learn field techniques to collect Cretaceous dinosaur fossils including prospecting, excavating, plaster jacketing, fossil removal, quarry mapping, preparation techniques in our field lab, fossil identification, and history of Hell Creek Formation. This is not a tour! Good for families or the curious human.

Fred Deaton said...

You can go to the Opry in Nashville or the Old Hatchery in Dickson for music. Bluegrass and country music is played every saturday night. The Hatchery is a throwback to those early days of Country music. While in Dickson, go to the Renaissance Center, is it a museum, a planetarium, a art gallery...try to guess.

Easily the place to stop is Jackson TN! Its halfway between Memphis and Nashville on I-40.

The places to eat include the Old Country Store in Casy Jones Village, Reggi's BBQ and Hot Wings (the best of both), Latham's BBQ, which still cooks on the wood fire and offers great meals.

Side treks out of Jackson include the Agriculture Museum in Milan that covers the merit of No-Till farming, The Tea pots (hundreds of them) in Trenton TN, Pinson Mounds in Pinson TN (largest mound in North America). You could also detour to Ripley TN and stop at Lauderdale Cellars for their famous Tomato Wine.

Another side trek is in order to Lexington TN and Jack's Creek TN the epicenter of real Tennessee WHOLE HOG BBQ. Lexington also has a great Italian, Louie's Italian Cafe.

Get off at I-4 exit 42 and head to Mason TN to Bozo BBQ and probably the best fried chicken on earth at Gus' Fried Chicken. If you go a little outside of Brownsville, you hit Nutbush, home of Tina Turner.

Now Memphis TN You can go to all the name places to get ribs (including that "R" place), but Central BBQ on Central near East Parkway is the best. Another hidden jewel is Leonards on Fox Plaza Drive and Miz Payne's BBQ place on Lamar.

Tired of Hurricanes and needa frsh destructive force, then head to New Madrid MO. Historical Museum North on I-55 from Memphis. The museum has the Slogan, "its our fault" Earthquake fault, that is.

Anonymous said...

On the way to Glacier, be sure to see parts of South Dakota: 1. Hot Springs area- Evan's Plunge, Prairie Museum, Wind Cave 2. Badlands Nat'l Park and the nearby Sod Homestead 3. Custer Park- lots of animals and also nearby Mt. Rushmore 4. Deadwood-Mount Moriah Cemetery. Lots more best described in book Insider's Guide to South Dakota's Black Hills and Badlands. I've traveled all over the world and this area is beautiful, safe, fascinating, quiet ! Have fun !

Anonymous said...

stop in tallahassee and exit I 10 on exit 319....stroll the gardens after lunch and enjoy the quiet.

Anonymous said...

When you go through St. Louis I love restaurants in the Italian district / "The Hill", a tour of the Budweiser brewery is a must, there is the Museum of Western Expansion (located under the ARCH)!!!. The Soulard Market is a good farmers market. Have FUN!!

Patrick F said...

when you come to St Louis you have to go to the City museum in downtown.

check out their website and get an idea of what it about, it is the best kid fun for an adult you could have. Very creative artistry.

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