Thursday, November 08, 2007

Christmas travel? I need help!

You may find this hard to believe, or even silly, but...The Husband and I are having a hard time finding a place to go for Christmas.

The parameters: Low-hassle, and non bank-breakers.

The problem is that I have vacation time I have to take, and The Husband can get away most easily at the holidays. In this case, we can even go the week before the holidays.

The problem: Where?

He doesn't want too cold or too hot or too expensive.

I don't want too far away. (My jetlag quotient for the year is pretty well filled.) That let's out our favorite Asian spots (which are also cheap.)

I'd love to go to Rome, but even on a package it's painfully pricey due to high airfares. (We're saving our cash for an Africa trip next year.)

He's aiming for boutique hotels in Colonial Mexico. I'm not convinced, but right now, it's looking like a good idea.

Got another idea for me? Pass it along...


Brent O. said...

This is probably too pedestrian for what you're after, but Savannah is gorgeous during the holidays. Plenty of beautiful bed & breakfasts, and it's a great place to walk around, shoot photos, and eat in little cafes.

Sylvie said...

I represent Colonial Mexico. You should really take a closer look:

You'd be surprised at what you find. A foreign language, quaint cobblestone sreets, fantastic cuisine, breathtaking architecture, history, shopping and great weather ...sound like Europe? It is, only closer.

dmdelgado said...

I have just returned from a short stay in key west. I know that this is tried and true, but travel via the key west express, stay in an off-Duval B & B and rent scooters to investigate the area. without the crush of fantasy festers and with cooler temps, it is a mellow way to escape without the hassle of the screaming TSA'ers and rude drivers. also, the up-and-coming locals chefs do a great job for the locals looking for interesting fare.

MWN said...

I'm a huge fan of France in the off-season but with the dollar at a miserable low, and the long haul from Miami, instead I'd choose Antigua, Guatemala. One of the most remarkably preserved colonial cities in the Americas, impossibly romantic, and chock full of beautiful hotels available for a steal. Plus, it's surrounded by volcanoes. Getting there couldn't be easier from Miami. Check out Hotel Casa Santo Domingo.


rome said...

Hi, I understand your point on travelling to Rome but I still would like to give you an idea of what you would find, maybe you'll change your mind :-)

In Rome we’ve got more than 200 churches built in every architecture style of almost any historic period. Rome has got 4 major Basilicas, huge, breathtaking churches of astonishing beauty. Rome has got the Vatican, where the Pope and hundreds of men and women of the cloth live and pray every day. Can you imagine how our Christmas time is like?!

St. Peter’s Basilica and St Peter’s square, of course, are the heart of all celebrations during Christmas time. Here is where the midnight mess on the 24th and the mid-day mess on the 25th take place, with the Blessing by the Pope from his Balcony and it’s also here where a huge Christmas tree is planted and decorated with hundreds of coloured lights.

Christmas time mood “officially” starts in Italy on the 8th of December, feast of the Immaculate conception dedicated to the Virgin Mary, an holiday in which everybody is supposed to put up the Christmas tree and the typical Italian presepe (crèche. After this everybody feels ready to start the long shopping afternoons and evenings, especially during the weekends, to look for presents for friends and relatives, walking in the wonderfully light up streets, smiling whenever a zampognaro passes by playing Christmas tunes with his typical musical instrument all dressed up as an ancient shepherd. Caldarroste (hot chestnuts) scent expanding everywhere from pitchmen at almost every corner is the last touch to create the perfect Christmas time atmosphere.

Colourful flea markets and children’s fairs blossom all over the city. The one in Piazza Navona is the most popular one: stalls stuffed with candies, sweets and small toys of any kind are open until late at night and a merry-go-round stands just close to Bernini’s Rivers Fountain, under its great obelisk. Piazza Navona is the typical destination for families, where mums and dads can find everything they need to fill their children’s socks in occasion of the 6th of January, the day that closes the Christmas holidays. The 6th is the day in which the three kings arrived to Bethlehem following the star to finally meet the new born child and to bring him their presents. To remember this, in Italy children wait for la Befana to pass by at night, an old nanny who brings them sweets and toys. In other words, another Santa Claus, just a few days later, cause two gifts are always better then one!!