Sunday, March 09, 2008

Stonehenge - worth the price

Nothing in Britain is cheap, but even at the horrific exchange rate, the sites are unbeatable. The adult ticket to Stonehenge costs $13, but even though I've been here twice before, visiting this 5000-year-old stone circle is a moving experience. Legends and theories about the who and why -- Merlin? Giants? The devil? Aliens? -- but more intriquing, said my nephew Rob, is the how. Which of course nobody knows.

"People always say you'll be disappointed by Stonehenge, but I'm not disappointed at all," said sister-in-law Cathy.

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Jake said...

Stonehenge is one of my fondest memories. I used to go with my sister every Sunday morning to Stonehenge to play. Now as I am older I regret not going back to appreciate the place. However in my day it cost nothing to sit on the rocks. We lived in Larkhill - dad was in the army so this is the reason for our regular visits.