Friday, September 01, 2006

Going dark for a day

Tomorrow I'll be out of Web range, so I'll check back in later in the weekend. Meanwhile, here are a few scenes from today's long drive north from Kansas.


Laura Boyd said...

I look forward to your "reemergence"!

Laura Boyd said...

PS. Glad to know that guy at Wishful Thinking Ranch is still alive!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jane,

I know Steph and I've been supporting her flash project (and vicariously, you) since the beginning. I think after you get out of Yellowstone that you should see some of the pacific rainforests in Oregon and Washington... I think there's a national park out there but I don't remember the name.

Sarah Eaton said...

Hello Jane,

We miss you when you're out of range. Have you seen the endless fields of sunflowers yet? That sight made a big impression on me (even though the flowers were already dead!). Happy travels.