Friday, September 01, 2006

Temptation everywhere

When you take a roadtrip, you have to resist temptation.

There I was today, in the tiny town of Thedford, Nebraska, looking for Carhenge, the automotive answer to Britain’s ancient Druid monument. I had bypassed the Buffalo Bill Ranch, deciding Carhenge would be my big stop for the day.

Turns out I had misread the guidebook. Carhenge is actually 120 miles west of Thedford. So of course I turned west, ready to tumble down the highway in search of this endearing touch of American kitsch, when I collected my senses. It was late in the day and raining. My gas gauge was edging toward empty, and a Carhenge detour would take me literally hundreds of miles out of my way. And it would probably be dark before I got there.

So I turned around, and did the sensible thing. Not easy, though.