Monday, September 04, 2006

A great morning

It's Labor Day, and a spectacular morning here in Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Connections are slow, days run long, and I'm behind in posting. But you're off having a picnic today anyway.

And I've got to dash. So much to see, so few hours!

Yesterday marked the half-way point, and all is well. People are friendly, though I've met disappointingly few locals. No problems are hassles: I'm too old for anyone to care, and besides that, the entire nation has now had sensitivity training. And the car has (knock wood) been terrific. 4,300 miles and counting.

More tonight....


Peter O'Connell said...

Trip sounds kind of boring. I have been to all the places you covered and found them to be exciting and vibrant. Try spending more time with the locals and less time describing the real estate. Ever stop for a cold beer in a cowboy bar? Go Line Dancing on a saturday night. Stop in the Goodwill store. Did you have the famous rubarb pie in Custer? Play blackjack in Deadwood? Go to the hot springs near Custer? Take the train from Hill City to Iron City? You're missing out.

r forst den co. said...

jane try needles highway or iron moutian road in custer state park you won't forget it.