Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Safety First

The recent cruise ship disaster near Santorini, Greece, is a reminder to pull out your ear buds and actually listen at the next safety briefing on a ship or plane. While both cruise ships and airplanes have strong safety records, things can go awry … and you need to know what to do, where to go, what to bring. Don't wait for an emergency to discuss your family plan of action in case you get separated.

Don't tarry, don't panic.
If you're near your cabin, grab your life jacket. If
not, go directly to your muster station.
Bring medications, your glasses, cellphone, identification, room key and credit cards, and a jacket. Wear shoes.

Follow the attendants' directions.
If the oxygen mask drops, put it on yourself before you try to help children or someone else.
Count the number of rows between you and the nearest exit; if the cabin gets smoky, you'll need to "feel" your way out.
Keep your cellphone and wallet handy; if evacuation is required, you won't be able to snag them from the overhead locker.

When you first get to your room, locate the nearest exit; study the floor plan on the back of your room door.
Keep a robe and shoes handy; you don't want to end up in the street barefoot or naked.
Put glasses, medications , room key, car keys and your wallet together in case you need to make a dash.
Don't take the elevator.

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