Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tell us where to go

Several times recently readers have said to me, "I know your job is to promote tourist places.'' While I hate to jump in and correct them, that's the kind of statement that makes me cringe.

My job has nothing to do with promoting anyone or anything or any place. My job is to report, as fairly as I can, about experiences of interest to South Floridians. In short, my job is to help readers find and get the vacations they so desparately need.

Between traffic and kids and jobs and parents and everything else that happens every day, we all need a break. The thing is this: Each person needs a different break...and neither I nor any other editor can know exactly what it is that will make your soul feel rested. But what we can do is offer up choices, and make it as clear as we can what each of those experiences is that each reader can see for him or herself what best fits his mood, lifestyle, interests, budget.

But we need help. So each fall we ask readers to tell us what they'd like to read about...Europe or Costa Rica or Colorado? Traveling with kids, with a partner or alone? What columns do you love best, and which can you easily live without?

Give us a hand, and take this year's survey. There's a bonus: One lucky participant will get a Carnival cruise for two, courtesy of Carnival and MK Cruises.

Now there's a vacation.

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