Monday, February 25, 2008

A great cheap sleep

So, what kind of hotel do you get for $115 per night? At the Hotel des Artistes near the Termini train station, I’ve got a clean room with pain that looks fresh, comfortable beds, a TV, spotless en-suite bathroom with a bidet (the water is a little tepid) and breakfast. Internet service costs extra.

I’d read reports that the neighborhood wasn’t the best, but by day it’s fine. And at night, there’s a metro stop just a block away. Next door is a Best Western. Granted, it’s a bit posher … but the price is nearly twice as much.


Angela K. Nickerson said...

I am enjoying your posts about Rome! Having just written a book about Michelangelo and the time he spent in Rome, I too know the joys of Rome in February. No crowds. No lines. And more people speaking Italian than English!

You wrote about Termini and its reputation as a not-so-great neighborhood. You are actually the beneficiary of a vast dragnet in recent months. According to my father-in-law (a Roman) a woman was murdered in the neighborhood this fall -- a very rare thing. This resulted in some drastic measures, legislation forcing the gypsy population to leave Termini, and some much-needed sprucing up of the train station.

Enjoy your trip! Oh, and don't miss the Galleria Borghese. It's my favorite museum in Rome -- Bernini's Daphne and Apollo will take your breath away. You generally need tickets in advance (even in low season), but you can buy them online.


Barbara said...

I'm enjoying the blog and comments.

My husband and I will be visiting Rome in June. Do you have any recommendations for a clean, well managed hotel in a central location at about $250-300 per night?

Angela K. Nickerson said...


I am sure Jane has some good recommendations. I can give you my personal favorite, though. Hotel Santa Maria ( is a pretty little hotel in my favorite neighborhood, Trastevere. I was just there again in January, actually. It is delightful and very close to good restaurants, public transportation, and charming piazzas. I also can recommend Relais Rome ( They have a few charming and well-furnished apartments which are well-serviced, too.