Friday, February 29, 2008

Looks like Turkey

If you think the Valle d’Istria area of Puglia looks like Anatolia, Turkey, you’re right. When invaders left here centuries ago, they left their traditional architectural style of “trulli’’ houses topped with stone-covered cones.

The trulli appear atop hillsides, in olive orchards, amid the almond trees now flocked with white blooms, and in towns like Aberobello. The town itself has become something of a tourist trap, with a shop in every trulli, but it’s still a marvelous site.


    It was a splurge day. Calories and budget aren't to be counted.


Carrie said...

Jane - Loving the updates on your trip! I feel like I'm going on vacation through you!

Enjoy your time there!

Travels and tours said...

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Anonymous said...

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