Thursday, April 10, 2008

What to do if you're delayed

Whether you're stuck now in the rash of American Airlines cancellations or plan to travel this summer, chances are good that you'll be stuck at some point.

We've published tips for coping before, but you might not have needed them then. So here they are again:

  • Call ahead to double-check on your flight.

  • Register your cell number with your airline.

  • Bring a cellphone, and keep your airline and/or travel agent's phone number handy. You can usually call ahead to rebook.

  • Have the phone numbers of people you are meeting, hotels where you're staying and car rental agencies, so you can advise them of changes.

  • Book hotels that allow you to cancel. Some online services have 24-hour cancellation policies and will charge you for the first night regardless of the reason for delay.

  • Build in an an extra day between your flight arrival and the departure of your cruise or tour for travel insurance. Compare policies at

  • Keep toys and extra diapers handy.

  • Bring snacks. Airlines rarely offer meals anymore, and airport offerings can be limited at best.


Anonymous said...

I travel several times a year and never leave home with out AIG Travel Guard Insurance. I have researched all companies and took policies with several the only company that came through for me was AIG Travel Guard. I was delayed due to a storm and would have missed my cruise if I did not pick up the phone and ask their 24 hour call center to help me. They helped me get to my cruise and it was a blast. If you travel with out AIG Travel Guard you are taking your problems into your owne hands as the other insurance companies just fall short when you need help at 3 in the morning sitting at the airport.

Jess said...

It can't get any better than this.