Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Travel Hot Button

We've moved the weekly Travel Hot Button questions here, to my blog, to make responding easier.

So, this week's question:

What's a fair price to pay for a basic hotel room in an urban center like New York or San Francisco?

Feel free to comment on last week's question:

What do you love / hate about Miami International Airport?

Let us know what you think. And feel free to suggest future Hot Button topics.


Brent O. said...

In big cities like those, I justify higher hotel prices by telling myself I'll save money on transportation. I made the mistake of staying in Jersey once when we visited NYC, and boy, did I ever pay for that one - over and over and over - every time we needed to grab a cab or a bus back to the hotel. Since then, I have no problem paying $200 to stay in Manhattan, even if I'm not getting a great room like I would in other cities.

Eric Shackle said...

Hi Jane. I don't know anything about Miami International Airport, but I want to letyou know that I enjoyed reading your story in the Chicago Tribune about your camel trek in Australia's Red Centre. We have a million wild casmels in Australia, and we may have to eat their meat to keep the numbers down. See "Too many camels? Eat them!" just published by the South Korean citizen reporters'journal OhmyNewsInternational:

Eric Shackle said...

Hi again. The correctlink for the camel story is
Sorry it was corrupted in my previous message. said...

I'm a grad student with a travel project that requires learning as near to actual costs, fees, rewards, incentives, etc. which are standard business practices between GDS-vendors (air, hotel, cruise, car, package)-consortiums-agents-consumers. I'm sure these will probably vary per specific agreement and market demands, but would it be possible to help me with such information or point me in the right direction to find such data? Thank you very much for your time and help. I like your site.

TravelGretta said...

What I love about Miami airport - the great Cuban coffee stands, that have coconut muffins!

What I hate about Miami airport - nearly everything else. I think that each time I've flown through, my flight has changed gates a minimum of 2 times, leading to mad dashing through the terminal.

Anonymous said...

YOU ASKED THE 64K ? Here's my two cents answer-

Love the 50's "modern architecture"?? Hate the 50's toilets with the 50's piping and 50's roofing that leaks through the relatively new ceilings in most concourses into funnels and tubes that hang from the ceilings and tethered into buckets....actually a great water conservation project in the making for draught stricken So FL.

Love the number of airlines serving MIA...hate to have to figure out where they are and walk the miles between them to find a connecting flight, only to arrive to late.

Love the Latin American feeling at MIA, the food, the service, the retail, the workmanship, the manana attitude...Hate the fact that almost nobody speaks fluent English.

Love the long walk from the arrival gates to the six foot high luggage area in the basement...but the walk does use up at least 15 minutes of the hour or more it takes to get your luggage, if you're lucky. Hate the vintage taxis with the grinding transmissions, inoperative A/C and sirly drivers that barely speak English and don't know their way around Miami.

Love to hate the Mamma and Pape retail....where else in a major metro US airport can politicians put their mothers into the retail business while sophisticated national retailers wait to be graced with an invitation to pay outrageous rent, if they can get in?

Loved former Aviation Director Angela Gittens, who previously had that job at Atlanta/Hartsfield, where she modernized and updated retail, baggage handling, security and so many other things MIA needs...Hate the Maimi/Dade Commission for running her out of town so they can continue to have their hand picked yes men mismanage MIA and their bagmen lobbiests collect "campaign donations" from every consultant and contractor working at MIA while wiring concession and retail leases for family and friends.

Love to Hate MIA- it's so easy!
MIA is the worst major Airport in the US and worse than most of the others in the world! If Miami/Dade's strong mayor would show some strength and declare it a disaster zone, maybe they could get federal funding, diverted from New Orleans to build a new one.

I Love MIA's welcoming does so much to help visitors Hate Miami!

I would Love the 2007 hurricane season to drop a class 5 on MIA so Miami could start fresh and build a real international airport!