Sunday, May 27, 2007

What is kosher wine?

Yhe rabbinical laws governing kosher designation for wines are far more complicated than those regarding food. Some of the rules – when you can first use the grapes, what other crops can be grown nearby – are fairly simple to meet. Two that are not so easy: The juice must be heated – a process that many vintners believe adversely affects taste. And during the process from crushing to bottling, only observant Jews can handle the product in any way, including tapping for barrel tastings, transporting and bottling.

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eliben said...

Hi Jane,
You just left the winery a few minutes ago and I went to visit you on the web. I hope you enjoyed the visit as much as I did receiving you.
About kosher wines - it is true that only Shabbath observant Jews can handle the wine from reception of the grapes to bottling, but the other part about heating the wine is not a must. It is called Mevusal (cooked) and it is only done when you want the wine to be served to observant Jews by non-observants or gentiles. it is usually the wines used at Jewish receptions when not all the staff might be religious. At Domaine du Castel the wines are not Mevushal.
Kindest regards,