Sunday, June 17, 2007

Beijing's big new thing

The biggest and newest thing in Beijing is called "the Eggshell.'' It's the National Center for the Performing Arts, perviously called the National Grand Theater, designed by French architect Paul Andreu.

This past weekend, the park-like surrounds opened to the public. When it finally opens entirely, it will be 15-18 months late and overbudget.

Locally, reports the China Daily newspaper, the massive glass-and-titanium dome is getting mixed reviews. Some people love it's futuristic feel; others find its juxtaposition to Tianamin Square and the Forbidden City jarring.

Sunday, plenty of Chinese were stopping by to check it out and have their photos taken in front of it. My Chinese didn't lend itself to talking with them, but they seemed to like it. I did, too.

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