Saturday, June 23, 2007

New friends in China

One of the joys of travel are the people you meet ... again and again and again.

Joe and Barbara, Americans living in Stockholm (each married someone else there, ended up divorced and found each other) have been, well, everywhere I've been. I met them one day in Beijing's Forbidden City, the next on the Great Wall, and a third day in the Summer Palace.

I've just run into them Lhasa, in Tibet.

"We like this so much more than Beijing,'' Barbara said. "The air is cleaner, the buildings are painted, they're more interesting. The people are colorful.''

Said Joe, "It's exotic.''

Wonder where I"ll see them tomorrow?

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Jan Reimer said...

We met at the Great Wall and enjoyed our talk with you. We flew back to the US about a week ago and I am finally able to look you up on the Web. I have spent several minutes perusing your site. I love your travelogue. My husband and I have also traveled a good deal. I noticed the you were in Mali..We were too about 14 years ago. I will be checking out your journal every once in awhile to see where you are..