Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The kindness of strangers

About 18 months ago my bag was stolen in London. House keys, phone, camera, wallet --plus a great new bag purchased on sale(!) -- were snatched from beneath my feet at the British Museum.

Since then, I've experience two great moments of kindness. One came about six months ago -- again in London -- when I lost my passport and credit cards (my money belt unclasped). A kind soul found it on the street and turned it into the police station, where I had gone to file a report so I'd have paperwork to take to the U.S. Embassy when I went the next day to get my passport replaced. (Whew!)

Tonight, I left my latest purchase - a cute little knit dress - on the Star Ferry. About 15 minutes after I'd gotten back to Kowloon, I realized my mistake and hopped back on the ferry, hoping to find the black bag in the same dark corner where I'd dropped it.

No go.

The boatman suggested stopping at the Ferry office on the Hong Kong side. And sure enough, some kind soul had turned it in!

So here's to you strangers out there: Thank you for your kindness. It is much appreciated.

Here's a reminder to the rest of us: Acts of kindness matter. Next time I find a wallet or bag or credit card on the street or a bus or the train, I'll turn it in. I hope you will too.

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