Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ireland: Going for green

Tomorrow I head off to Ireland. I'm led both by my friendship with a Miami priest originally from Ireland (though I'm not Catholic) and by Ireland's relative value, thanks to its bed-and-breakfast voucher program. (In the U.S., you can buy the program through CIE Tours.)

For less than $1,000 total, I'll get a rental car for the week plus six nights lodging with a hearty breakfast.

That's a pretty great deal for two people -- if the accommodations are nice. (For one person traveling alone the price is only about $125 less, so that's not such a bargain.)

I'll let you know whether it's worth it. Each day that I have e-mail access, I'll post a video of my B&B room and bath. (I've only booked lodgings that offer a private attached bath.)

Of course, that's the one drawback to B&Bs: they usually lack web access, and I can't post video and photos with my current cell. (I'm still waiting for the iPhone to hook up with my carrier.)

Still, I'll do my best. So log on. Or make it easy on yourself and subscribe at the button on the top right that says RSS...then you'll get an alert whenever I post to this blog.

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