Sunday, October 07, 2007

More on the lost luggage

I've asked the colleague with the lost luggage, Carol Waller of the Sun Valley Visitors Bureau, just how she's getting by on Day Seven without her luggage.

Hotel toiletries are key, she says. So is washing out clothes in the hotel bathroom each evening. (Thank goodness for heated towel bars that speed drying.)

And those she still doesn't know how much money she'll be allotted by the airline for replacement clothes, she's been shopping. After all, she arrived in a pair of black pants, shirt, cardigan and clogs...a bit tough at a business meeting.

Her purchases to date: A skirt, two tops, a sweater and two scarves. The tab so far is about $300...and she's been buying on clearance racks and at TK Maxx (as it's called here.) Given the exchange rate, well, even a t-shirt costs a bundle.

"I've never lost luggage in 30 years of traveling...and I was once a flight attendant,'' she said.

The thing she most wants back: Her jewelry. It's not fine jewelry but pieces she made herself. And yes, it was in her checked baggage.

PHOTO: Carol Waller in her new clothes.

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