Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tonight's digs

I’m not staying at Dunbrody House, alas. Instead, I’m just down the road at Glendine House, a B&B on the voucher program.

The place is fresh and delightful, a mix of family home -- complete with appropriately behaved children and a border collie -- and hotel. Guest rooms are off-limits to the kids and dog, as are the guests-only sitting room and the breakfast room. Our own room is comfortable…not large or small…and prettily appointed with antiques.

Unlike a hotel, there's no restaurant, hair dryer or shampoo.

The open-market tab: 60 euros per person, per night, including a hearty breakfast. At the current exchange rate, that’s pretty steep, but the voucher program locks in the price in U.S. dollars in advance, and averages out to a bit less than that.

I do have video but I can’t upload it just at the moment. So tune back in ... I’ll post it when I’ve got a better connection.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fine break from Manchester!