Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Great fares to the Carib

Want to head for the islands? Book by Jan. 28 and you can snag flights for $49 each way from Miami and Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean on American Airlines.

That hot deal comes from Travelzoo. You can sign up for deals from them or just check daily deals from Travelzoo, Airfarewatchdog and Farecompare at our website; check under Just In!

The skinny on this island deal: Not every flight is as cheap as $49, and seats are limited (what's new?) Some samples, provided by Travelzoo:

- Ft. Lauderdale-Nassau ... $49
- Miami-Montego Bay ... $74
- Ft. Lauderdale-San Juan ... $84

For details, click here


Barrett said...

Hey Jane - I just your syndicated article in the Dallas Morning News called "Your guide to Internet travel booking" - I referenced in on my travel blog! Your blog is super helpful, thanks for putting in the time...I know, it IS a lot. Best, Barrett - founder of earthfaves.com

Anonymous said...

dear jane,

i am now hooked on your blog! i have read it over the last couple weeks since i discovered it.
i was wondering how your mother was. i wish your family all the best, and there was something about that article that touched me. i live several states away from my parents and will have a terrible time when there is a medical emergency with my elderly parents.
if it is too personal, then i appologise in advance, and will understand comletely.