Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kenya: Is it safe?

Is it safe to go to Kenya following recent political unrest?

Local experts are advising travelers to wait and see.

"If you haven't booked anything yet, I'd wait two weeks and see what happens," said Sylvia Berman,owner of Post Haste Travel in Hollywood.

"Anyone who has plans in Kenya in the next four weeks, I've advised not to go," said Norman Pieters, owner of Miami-based Karell's African Dream Vacations.

The situation does seem to be improving slowly, says Fred Ngoga Gateretse, Africa specialist for iJET Intelligent Risk Systems, which advises individual travelers and corporations on safety. "In the tourist areas, the government has reinforced security," he says.

The most significant risk for tourists is when entering Kenya via the capital of Nairobi, said Bruce McIndoe, iJET president.

Several locally-based Africa travel specialists said they knew of no serious inci-
dents involving tourists save for some short-term disruptions to domestic air travel and gas shortages in late December. Major tour operators are whisking travelers away from Nairobi, Berman said. African Travel Inc. told The Washington Post it did not feel it was necessary to cancel any tours but was allowing clients to cancel trips booked for this month.

Travelers who have booked tours are at the mercy of their agent and operator.
Most travel insurance policies do not allow travelers to cancel because of "civil unrest," said Dan McGinnity, spokesman for AIG Travel Guard.

The Kenya Tourist Board's releases as of press time indicated that violence had been limited to areas far from the tourist track and that public transport, banks and offices in Nairobi had returned to business "as usual."

The U.S. State Department has issued an update that advises travelers "to consider carefully the risks of travel to Kenya at this time and updates information on safety and security concerns."



Anonymous said...

Of course it is safe , it is Obama's country!!!

Anonymous said...

Probably safter than a city 90 miles east of me known as Miami. said...

This is the so sad for all the wildlife there. Whenever there is a violence, the animals tend to suffer also. Kenya is home to the beautiful gorillas, Kenya lions and many more other wildlife.

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sheri said...

visit one of the most beautiful beaches.if you want to see the animals you can do so by visiting local national parks in kenya that are not in remote areas. Also a good idea to have a tour guide. if you have questions about kenya travel you can contact me i have been there many many time. Its beautiful