Saturday, June 10, 2006

And finally, the Flowrider

I'm not very good at sports ... just not a natural athlete. But I had to try it all.

First, the rock wall. This one is about 10 feet taller, and a lot wider, than the wall on previous ships. I tried it on another ship and bombed. This time I got about 20 feet up before I freaked out...maybe a better instructor.

Then, the Flowrider. If you've seen pictures (see my first posting) you know that the surf park has a physical wave, or bump, in it. Turns out the water goes UP that ramp, not down it....all 34,000 gallons per minute of it.

This was all a bit daunting, but I knew if I didn't try it, I'd come back feeling like a chicken. I went for the boogie board stand-up surfing for me!

Well, it scared the bejesus out of me...but I did it. Yup, Wipe out! But it was fun...REALLY fun. The surface under the mat is a soft cushion made from recycled tires, like a gym mat, and it really made the wipe out least physically.

The ego is another subject. There are plenty of people around to watch you. The Flowrider has turned out to be as popular as a spectator sport as it is an active sport...though you will see everybody from kids to grandparents on the thing. There are specified hours when it's open, and the wait is usually around 10 minutes. On sea days, the wait can go up to 30 minutes...especially in the afternoons after the teens roll out of bed.


Michael said...

If you haven't caught them yet, make sure you go and see Rain, the Beatles revival group...

I'm not a fan of revival groups, but WOW are they awesome!

Pat near Seattle said...

How was the music on Freedom of the Seas?

Jane said...

Radiationman: Thanks alot. I missed them. I finally just had to take a nap....

And Pat: The music was very high quality, with a terrific range. I heard a great jazz presentation one night; the Stingrays play nightly with Boomer-friendly music. Boleros has Latin Music at night...and plenty of people were dancing nonstop. Club 20, which occurs one night in the Solarium Pool space, has more clubby stuff and goes late into the night. The Schooner Bar had a great vocalist/keyboard player whose selections were all familiar to Boomers as well. What you don't find much is classical...but then, it wouldn't fit the scenario.