Sunday, June 11, 2006

More blogs, more cruising, more answers

Early this week I'll try to answer questions you've posted in the comments. They will be posted near your comment, so take a look there!

For more on Freedom of the Seas, see my review on June 25 in The Miami Herald. It will be posted online at

Also check out comments at Cruise Critic . More than 140 of its members were onboard, including the 40 members of The Pink Boa Society, a group of 40 cruisers who met online as they planned their trips aboard Freedom.

Also see Cruise Diva Linda Coffman's review Cruise Diva.

My next blog chronicles my one-month trip as I drive solo from Miami to Seattle in search of the real America. I'll also investigate whether a woman can travel safely in the U.S. when she's on a tight budget.

My driving blog begins August 20 at If you've got tips for places I should check out on my drive, please post them here. See you soon!

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Ginger Roberts said...

Dear Jane,
If you're traveling through the US, why not stop in Williamsburg, VA and visit with us? You can't get much cheaper than staying with the Roberts or would that be too much like vacation and not work? You have to remember that Jamestown is celebrating its 400th birthday and might deserve a peep.
Best wishes, Ginger and Rudy Roberts and Brook Sweeney