Monday, June 05, 2006

Thumbs up for shipboard shows

When it comes to the shows presented in shipboard theaters, I'm not usually much of a fan. But the three shows I've seen so far on Freedom of the Seas may make me a convert. All were funny, clever and relevant.

First came commedian Don Friese's Seussian-riff on technology and cell service ("I cannot call you from a tree, I cannot call you after 3.'')

Next, the ice-dancing show in the Studio B rink. The "Age of Aquarius'' segment seemed a bit forced (bell-bottoms, hip-huggers and headbands looked pretty silly on the ice). But the quick-change costume routine -- nearly a dozen outfit changes right on the ice that will leave you mind-boggled as to logistics -- and a Captain Hook pirate number brought everyone to their feet.

Best: Once Upon a Time, a smart comic musical (think Wicked) that marries fairy tales, pop tunes, incredible costumes, jazzy sets, stellar voices, sharp dancing and some hysterical moments. Cinderella sings a rap version of "If I were a rich girl'' a la Fiddler on the Roof while two huge guys dressed as the evil stepsisters dance on; a trio of Rapunzels belts out "I need a Hero!"; "Mr. Sandman'' serenades a gumby-like Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood drives through a video version of "Route 66'' on her way to wolf country. The choreography includes only one semi-balletic scene, and it's mercifully short. This is one show I'd actually pay to see on land.

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MarisaBeazel said...

Hi Jane, I too have never been one for the shows on the ships as they are all pretty much the same. But this time they sound great and a must see. Can you tell me a little about the dining on board and how the food has been? Can't wait to hear about you "surfing"!