Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Greenland: Calm night, rough day

We've been incredibly lucky with weather: Disneyesque days, calm nights. Only once were we delayed by fog, and that turned out to be a minor inconvenience.

Last night proved a marvel of nature. As the waitstaff and others were performing in the crew show, a triple rainbow appeared on the horizon, painting the icebergs into a rosy kaleidoscope.

Today we pay. We're in open seas in a gale, heading for yet another fjord and glacier. Those with weak stomachs are bolting for the Dramamine; heartier souls are staring down the horizon. Only a fool would be at a computer screen.

I can't imagine anyone is going to want to go out in the Polar Cirkel boats once we arrive. But who cares? Up to now, the weather has been crystalline; who can complain?

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