Saturday, July 21, 2007

Share your thoughts, questions

Sorry there are no photos at the moment. My laptop has fried, and I'm not sure when I can get back to a photo-friendly scenario. Once I am back, though, I promise to post plenty of photos!

Meanwhile, feel free to ask me questions or share your own experiences about traveling in Greenland. Just click below where it says, Click to Comment.


Dave18 said...

Hi Jane:

I'll be on the Pole to Pole World Cruise starting in September,=. As the Fram is new, is there CNN or other live TV news shows in the cabins? Is Internet working well?

Is there open seating in the dining room for eve meal.

Have allthe bugs been worked out?

The pix of Greeneland are fabulous.

Thanks, Roger

Jane said...


The Internet works fairly well (use the terminal closest to the X-box, noise is terrible but the machine works the best of any.) Seating at dinner is by assignment, and I figure you're an American, so you'll likely be seated with other Americans. The live TV is not working at this point; I'm not sure why, but the ship does say they're still working on it. As for the bugs, I'd say they're well worked out. Staff is terrific.

Some tips: Bring a book; your launch day will likely involve a long airport wait unless you sign up for a tour that day (I'd recommend it.) Also, the English book library is thin, so you may want your own.

If you have any dietary issues, let them know in advance. The menu is determinedly northern European, which means lots of sauces.

Take care!