Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Where do we go from here?

What would you most like to read about? Money-saving strategies and dreams on a dime? Trips close to home? Family travel? Far-away places? Luxuries?

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Raul said...

My wife and I plan on going on a cruise, maybe departing from Galveston. She prefers a 5 day trip, and I would prefer for it to go to the Caiman Islands. While I have looked on the internet as well as your blog, I am hoping you can point us towards a website that can give us what we need at a reasonable price. This might be our third honeymoon, after all.

Jane said...

Raul: I'd look first at Cruise Critic for advice. All kinds of cruisers post there, and you'd do well to ask their opinions...my knowledge is mostly limited to cruises out of South Florida.

This link may help:

It appears that both Carnival and Royal Caribbean sail out of Galveston. I've had good experiences on both.

There are many cruise websites where you can buy a cruise at a decent price, but I'm going to suggest you call a cruise-only travel agent. The price will likely be just the same, and by talking with an actual human being (!) you can get a better sense of what's available. A good cruise agent may also be able to get you an upgrade or at least a cabin mid-ship near an elevator. If you book online you may end up in a less desireable location.

So...how do you find one? Cruises Only is the country's largest cruise travel agency, www.cruisesonly.com, 800-CRUISES. One of many good independent agents is Stuart Chiron, he's at MrCEO@aol.com. Also ask on the Cruise Critic message boards; regular cruisers there are happy to pass along references for agents that are good and will also steer you away from those who aren't.

Be VERY VERY specific with the agent...tell them your age, your interests, what age groups you want to be surrounded by. Let them know what kind of entertainment and lifestyle you want ... or don't. The more specific you are with the agent, the more likely you are to get the vacation you want.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

i think it would be great if you visited south korea. it seems like on of the few places you haven't been to.

Peter said...

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Diana said...

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Anonymous said...

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