Monday, July 23, 2007

The Midnight Sun

It’s past midnight, but the sun sparkles just behind the jagged peaks, and the clouds above glow with rosy light. A waterfall gushes from a rocky cleft, beneath the downy hood of a glacier. The light glints off the ice floes glinting like a thousand mirrors on the calm waters before us. No one can bear the idea of going to bed.

“It’s just amazing,’’ says Martina, a German woman clinging to the endless day. “Everywhere you look there’s ice pouring down. I think this is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.’’

Someone spots a disturbance in the water ahead, and we dash to front of the glassed-in deck just in time to see black fins roiling. A whale, we suspect.

Or maybe not. It doesn’t matter. In this mystical, magical place, anything seems possible.

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