Monday, August 21, 2006

Day Two tally

Total miles: 314

Gas: $44.74
Hotel: $50.40
Lunch: $5
Dinner: $13.40
Hall of Fame: $10
Movie: $4

Total: $127.50


nancysid said...

hi jane! i love roadtrips!! to keep it short, and considering your already laid out route, a couple of things i would recommend are: chimayo, new mexico - take a pilgrimage to the church. this is a place where the faith of the believers almost made be believe. also, if you follow a path north from chaco canyon through monument valley and yellowstone to montana, you will see the most dazzling scenery on this planet!

Anonymous said...

Selma, Alabama is a small town where African Diaspora history has not been forgotten.
The horizon shows cotton fields formerly worked by slaves, and small poverty striken communities.
Visitors can also take tours of the voting rights museum, and a former confederation clinic, turned kkk meeting place, turned mayors office.
The spirit of the decrepit town is full of color and history that should not be forgotten.

sparklein said...

Hi Jane-I understand you are coming to Kansas City and looking for things to see...well, you should definitely make time for is an artists co-op that has been here in K.C. for 14 or 15 years...the artists there are lots of fun and the artwork is imaginative and affordable...then for dinner or lunch you might try Shiraz in the Crossoroads district...the owner calls it world cuisine, but I just call it yummy...well, good luck...I love cross country husband and I drove 4500 miles around the northwest and southwest in 2 weeks in a 74 Triumph...we had a ball...the addy fro Eclectics is 7015 Oak and Shiraz is 320 Southwest Blvd...take care-Robin