Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Road hazard

I keep telling myself it had to happen sometime. It just didn’t have to hurt so badly.

Yes, I got a speeding ticket. About 10 miles east of Council Grove, Kansas.

The locals all nodded their heads. Oh yes, that place where the speed limit drops from 65 to 55. A known speed trap.

I am not telling how fast I was going or how painful the ticket was. Let’s just say that that cashmere sweater I bought at Neiman-Marcus right before I left on this trip will have to be returned. I've still got the receipt.


Photo: Sculpture in a field near the site of the ticket.


Laura Boyd said...

Hey, Jane. Probably didn't occur to you but here in the Heartland, girls (that's you too) are supposed to cry when Big Smokey comes 'round. Forget competence; just repent and weep. He woulda let you off!

Wishful Thinking Ranch said...

For some reason, crying never works for the guys.....even with a lady cop.

debbie kowalsky said...

Be careful not to just sign and send in your ticket with payment--you may get assessed points that way and it may affect your Florida license and insurance rates. (Unfortunately, I speak from experience, a speed trap on I-85 in North Carolina which is well-known to the locals.) Within a few days, your husband will be inundated with attorneys letters looking to represent you. Give one or two a call and see if they can get the charge reduced so you don't have any points on your record. And Laura is right, next time CRY!

Jane said...

Yeah, guys, well, I was wearing a skimpy top and that didn't help! This guy had absolutely no sense of humor or anything else. I think I made his quota for the decade.