Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What audio books should I bring?

Audio books are my friends ... and I'd like to take some along on my trip. Got a suggestion? Post it here...I'm downloading soon.

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beadge said...

Jane, We would love for you to experience a great small town along your wonderful journey.You will have alot to love here in Hanceville Alabama. We have alot to offer,from our Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament voted the top tourist attraction. As well as The All Steak resturant voted one of the top 100 places to eat before you die. And so much more. We would love to offer you a great discount on your lodging needs. Please feel free to call us anytime. I am including our e-mail address as well. Again please consider our small town you will be very impressed.
Thank-You for your time and attention.
Gena Beadlescomb General Manager
Tammy Jenkins-Assist manager

Bob W said...

I recommend any book by
John Underwood.


Terri said...

Hi Jane

we are taking a road trip and driving to the Pahandle area to see Destin/Ft. Walton Beach.
We rented a wonderful private house, with white picket fence and private pool.

The house has 3 bedrooms and we are using just one. Our trip wil coincide with yours.
We would love to have you stay with us.

Also, if driving near Scottsboro, AL make sure to visit the Unclaimed Baggage Center. You never know what you will find.

In Nashville, go to the Loveless Motel for breakfast.It's worth seing.
Also in Nashville the Gaylord Hotel to see the extraordinary atrium interior lobby.

I will send you an e-mail off-line.

Anonymous said...


I know that you will be in the Tallahassee area so I recommend you visit the Saint Mark's National Wildlife Refuge. It features wildlife and also has the Saint Mark's Lighthouse that is still in use today.

For a peek go to:

It's located in Wakulla County.

Tallahassee recommendation: the San Luis Mission.

Both places are great.

Anonymous said...

Some books:

Lest We Forget -- Grand Coulee Dam: It took 7000 men, night and day, eight years to create this incredible structure. It sits in the solitary splendor of central Washington. Be sure to catch the laser light show.

On Writing, by Stephen King. He is an animated reader, and much is about his own books. It will keep you awake.

Other recommendations:

Little Bighorn Battlefield Nat'l Monument. Look and listen: learn the truth about this mythical "battle." Native American warriors get equal time here. SE corner of Montana HWY 90 at the Crow Agency

3-for-1 15 miles SW of Omaha on US80 at exit 426. Mahoney State Park (have lunch at the Lodge), Strategic Air Command Museum (Flying Tigers etc), and Doorly Zoo drive-through wildlife safari (you sit, they move). Now get off HWY 80!

SHFALL FOSSIL BEDS NE Nebraska, this unassuming small state historical park allows you to look at 10-million-year -old animal skeletons , uncovered and displayed exactly where they were found. View the ongoing excavation.

Around Bozeman MT you will understand what "Big Sky" means.Bigfork on Flathead Lake S of Glacier Park offers the Ken Bjorge sculpture gallery and La Provence for a gourmet meal.

Jody Atwood

Anonymous said...

The Fountainehead by Ayn Rand

Jean B said...

Hi Jane,
Multnomah Falls in Oregon is not to be missed!
also Mount Shasta in Northern California, Crater Lake in Oregon, and be sure to drive the coastal highway (hwy 1) in Northern California, there's a bakery in Mendocino that has the best bread (austrian sunflower) in the world and Muir Woods is stunning. I highly recommend staying at youth hostels when you can, the most interesting and friendly people are there. There's a hostel in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico and the end of Austin Street with hot springs, rustic, a hundred miles from anywhere!
I've driven a 17' U-Haul long distance several times by myself and it was a blast. I would love to have an opportunity to do it again.
have a great time! Best, Jean

Anonymous said...

Jane, I recommend a couple of books that have road trips themes; The Grapes of Wrath and Lolita, as read by Jeremy Irons. I also recommend John Adams and All The King's Men.

Arrow Rock, Missouri was selected in 2006 as one of the dozen destinations by The National Trust For Historic Preservation. It sits on a bluff over the Missouri River, a few miles off I-70 between St. Louis and Kansas City. Lewis and Clark camped nearby. Time bypassed Arrow Rock.
Have fun! Jody

Anonymous said...


My first audio book was the Secret Lives of Bees. Hope you get a chance to hear it!

Jamie Jensen said...

Hi Jane --

It was very nice to talk with you the other day, and I wanted to wish a "bon voyage" for the big trip!

I added a link to your blog from my Road Trip USA website (see ), and I wanted to put in my vote for a fun early stop: the famous but still fascinating city of St Augustine, home of the Fountain of Youth and many other interesting oddities.

I have a little travel guide entry posted here:


Anonymous said...

How I envy your job - traveling near and far and getting to write about the trip and your adventures.

As far as audio books go, I'd suggest picking-up any book that in the past you've thought about reading, but figured with a busy schedule that it would take forever to read. Also, I know this is a restaurant chain, but stop at Cracker Barrel restaurants - you can basically rent audio books, then turn them in at a different Cracker Barrel along your route.

Enjoy your trip and be safe.

Anonymous said...

As far as books are concerned, I don't think Ayn Rand's the Fountainhead is good for travelling (Atlas Shrugged maybe) but wouldn't you be better off with something By Carl Hiassen or Dave Barry? Or when someone works at the Herald do you just get tired of those clowns?

Anonymous said...

I recommend any book by Miami author James Grippando. His latest is "Got the Look," although I read it in hard copy and don't know if it is out on audio tape. A lot of his books are. Good reads that are great to listen to on the road.

Jane said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I still love those clowns, Barry and Hiaasen....and Grippando, too. Thanks to everyone for the ideas.

Anonymous said...

Audio: Matt Dillon reading Jack Kerouac's On the Road.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, I just wanted to say that my family took a trip from Homestead, Florida to Spokane, Washington when my son was stationed there at Fairchild Air Force Base in 2002, we did it alot quicker than you are doing and I only wish I had a month to travel back across our wonderful country. Last year at the end of August we traveled from Spokane, Washington back to Homestead, Florida. On both trips we saw one of our country's best portriats, I speak of Mount Rushmore in Rapid City, South Dakota and it is a must see. On some of our visits to the west, we did a trip with our son from Glacier National Park, through Yellowstone National Park, down to the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, which is also a must see trip. Also we visited a town called Cooke City, Montana and is well worth the trip off the beaten path to see. It is at the Northeastern entrance to Yellowstone off Highway 212. It's not very big, but the town and its people sure ring out Amercia. I actually view the town from a webcam set up at the Exxon station on mainstreet, which is the only street that we have found. The last time we were there (2004) they were building a Super 8 Motel, but I recommend staying at Antler's Lodge or the Grizzly Lodge, both have history as old as the town. We traveled through these areas in September and July. Be prepared for cold, as it snowed in early July in 2004 a week before we arrived!! As you make your way from Idaho through into Washington you may pass through Spokane! My son has relocated out there, so if you could please say a silent hello from his Mum. The Northwestern part of our United States of America is a most beautiful place, enjoy your trip, stay safe and keep the wind at your back!! Denise Webb from Homestead, FL

Dr. Marty said...

Jane, I just finished listening to The Keepers Son. Set in NC, so you should find that interesting. I thought it was great. Love, Marty

joan said...

I don't know what you have already read and haven't read, but I enjoyed Jan Karon's Mitford series very much. I also enjoyed the earth children's series by Jean M. Auel, and recommend them now for you, especially since you are going to the great PNW (Pacific N.W.)- they are about prehistoric times and man. Jean Auel did a lot of research for every book and they are 'very fact/fiction history interesting.' I agree about Stephen King's writings keeping you awake - he is an excellent writer and writes well, but I don't enjoy the weird, bizarre scary stuff as well as the books like Dolores Claibornne, which is a great story. Also John Grisham's stories are not too long and keep you spellbound and awake while driving. I also second the idea about the Cracker Barrel books on tapes. Great idea. I love books on tape anytime, because I can do housework,garden, laundry and ironing and still get in a book at the same time, not to mention driving and listening to a book being my favorite. I wish you God's speed and safety as you travel. Last tip is that since you will spend a lot of time sitting and not being active, I recommend snacking on baby carrots as they are refreshingly wet, juicy and cold if kept in a cooler. Crunching them keeps me alert. They help with the problem I always get while travelling: constipation.

Anonymous said...

If you go close to the state park please stop and visit JOe Wheeler state park .if you arenear the Alabama caverns you can compare it with the Floridian they are in Rickwood Caverns near Birminham

370 Rickwood Park Rd.
Warrior, AL 35180
that there address
a reader

Anonymous said...

You must see Leila;s Hair Museum while in Independence Mo. 1333 S. Noland Rd. The only hair museum in the entire world. Antiques made from human hair. Geneology done the old fashioned way before the camera was invented I have traced this art form to the 12th century.View over 300,