Monday, August 21, 2006

It takes a team

You see me blogging away, but keeping Miami Herald Travel on to the go takes a team of people. Nearly all of them have complex jobs; Travel is just a tiny piece.

On the print side, Assistant Travel Editor Marjie Lambert keeps things going, with help from Chuck Buhman and Steve Rothaus. Marjie handles all kinds of things while I'm on the road, so be especially nice to her; she's really busy right now!

Karen Burkett produces our Travel on Demand videos, posted every two weeks.

Online, Gina Cardenas takes care of the main Travel page. And the terrific looking voting page where you see my path each day is created by Stephanie Rosenblatt, a UF student who has taken on the role of my keeper during this trip. It's Stephanie who text messages me each evening to tell me where I'm going.

Thanks, everybody!

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Daniel Amat said...

Are you mad to go on those trips