Monday, August 28, 2006

Ernesto watch

Even from this distance, the hurricane watch -- paired with CNN's nonstop one-year-after stories about Katrina -- is unnerving. I'm thinking of everyone in Florida ... I know this isn't fun.


Curryshores1 said...


Glad to hear you're a national park pass owner. These parks are our treasures! When I was on my 6 week trip, I visited as many as possible and even changed route to accomodate a few. If you don't have one already, buy a park passport book. The park service has a (free) date stamp with the name of the park at every gift shop. It ends up as a fun, inexpensive souvenier.

Safe travels!


debbie kowalsky said...

Dear Jane, Sitting here "waiting for ernesto" as I just text-messaged my older son up in DC. Question about what you're using for navigation--maps, TripTiks, GPS, mapquest? I remember TripTiks that used to list small towns and sights to see along the way. The recent ones don't seem to have this, so I don't find them much better than Mapquest. Actually, on my last road trip, after a TripTik online and one from the AAA office, a mapquest and a google search, I called my brother who is a long-haul trucker and he gave me the best route. Hope all is well and believe me when I say I wish I was there! OK, gotta run and eat some storm supplies.

Anonymous said...

Jane, Way to go! Think you can stay out of Fla the whole hurricane season?